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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[applause] >> history is made at the state house tonight with the passage of governor o'malley's same sex marriage bill. around 6:20 this evening, the senate voted in favor of the bill and it out with the governor's signature. >> david collins has an exceptional seat in the front valley during the vote. he has more tonight from annapolis. >> this makes maryland the eighth state in the nation to legally recognize same-sex marriage and the fourth state legislature to do it in the past year. same sex marriage supporters rejoiced. >> the house received a
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constitutional vote. >> the senate took up the house version of the bill which passed by the narrowest of margins last week, only after what the man did and after several delegates dramatically switch their positions. >> how you go forward with all the references applied to husbands and wives, applied to the same sex marriage? >> my religious beliefs, you do not change those. and i am not changing them today. i believe that marriage is between a man and woman. >> under the guise of introducing amendments, opponents launched into what resembled a filibuster. one explanation alone lasted 25 minutes. >> i have not even giving you the footnotes and the citations on it. >> the droning on and on, in my opinion, has not affected the
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votes. >> the chambers balcony's full of spectators. >> a state senator i would be thinking highly of myself if i thought i could vote on something that would change god's law. >> we are going to make history because we are going to take another step, another important step toward embracing every family in the state of maryland. >> whether the bill actually takes effect may be up to voters. the law is expected to be petitioned to referendum in november. >> for now, supporters want to celebrate what could be the end of state sanctioned discrimination. >> we feel like all of god's children can now share in marriage. >> this is a great day for maryland. >> the measure now goes to governor martin o'malley for his signature. a bill signing ceremony could
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happen as early as next week. >> upon returning from rome this evening, carnal edwin o'brien of the archdiocese of baltimore issued the following statement on tonight's vote. -- cardinal edward o'brien. it is no less troubling for places maryland one step closer to the dismantling of the most fundamental institution in all of society. >> hundreds of you to share the story and commented on facebook. michael wright, we will one day be able to truly call this a free country. >> my personal belief is the word marriage is joining between a man and a woman under god. >> we broke the story on line. you can see an interactive timeline to today's vote in annapolis all on
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broken water fountains, faulty heating, old plumbing. tonight a baltimore -- support for a controversial bottle packs to improve city schools. the bald and education coalition toward patterson high school, one of the oldest schools in the city. the temperatures were near 90 degrees and they hope it will bring attention to the dilapidated conditions of the schools. >> i don't think it is fair that the best rooms in the school are for visitors and the main office. i believe all classrooms should be equal, the same temperature, a comfortable area for the students to learn in. >> builders that would take $2 billion to repair the dozens of buildings in need of repair. the hazmat scare and self baltimore. crews worked for nearly nine minutes to contain a fuel tank leak at around 3:30 in cherry
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hill. there is no word on what caused the leak and no reports of any injury. >> a queen anne's county father is facing child neglect charges. investigators say anquan wilson left his 1-year-old toddler inside a locked and running car last thursday. we are told wilson spent about 30 minutes inside the store. the child was released to his mother. two more baltimore city police officers are facing jail time for their involvement in a kickback scheme with the rosedale ought to repair and towing company. one man was convicted and another pleaded guilty. both could receive up to 25 years in prison when sentenced. 17 officers were arrested in the extortion scheme. 15 have already pleaded guilty. >> this man was arrested for
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impersonating a police officer and now police are searching for anyone who may have been a victim. kai reed is live at county police headquarters in towson with the latest on that investigation. >> the numbers we spoke with that and never saw him dressed as a police officer, but police said they found several uniforms and weapons stashed inside his home. >> it is scary. >> christine jordan is just learning that her neighbor across the street is on home detention, charged with impersonating a police officer. >> i am shocked and a little bit concerned. >> he was pulled over by baltimore county police on january 19 after an officer spotted him beating at 4:00 in the morning. investigators say he got out of the car, dressed head to toe in a virginia state trooper uniforms. >> the car is equipped with all kinds of police paraphernalia,
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like, and sirens. there seems to be a monitoring system in it, and he was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer. >> investigators searched his home and found police uniforms with badges and patches from baltimore city, county, minneapolis, las vegas, the maryland state police, and the united states marine corps. that down weapons, ammunition, and grenades, and marijuana. >> we do not have any affirmation that indicates he had conducted illegal traffic stop or other illegal activity as a police impersonator. however, because of the extent of the paraphernalia and police equipment that he had, we are concerned that he may have done it. >> this is not the first time he has been in trouble with the law. we tried to interview him back in 2008 when he was charged with impersonating a uniformed
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police of the. police found homemade police uniforms, six guns, ammunition, and a makeshift firing range in his baltimore city home. >> all, county police are asking anyone who may have encountered him impersonating a police jobs recall him -- to call them. he is due back in court on monday. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> former cuvier lacrosse player george huguely faces 26 years in prison after an emotionally draining two-week murder trial. he was convicted of second- degree murder in the murder of yeardley love. she was beaten to death in 2010 after huguely went to her apartment drug and kicked in her door. the formal sentencing is expected to take place in april. >> the trial put a spotlight on
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frequent binge drinking among college students and the dangers that come with it. sheldon that live in the newsroom with more on the story. >> alcohol has long been part of the social scene on college campuses but experts are concerned with the harmful effect the results from binge drinking. witnesses in the huguely trial testified they knew something was wrong between him and yeardley love, but they did not speak up. a domestic violence advocates that this is the case when not doing anything at all are doing something too late. >> they should be supportive of their friends, but in a way that they are not putting their friends business out on the street for the parents or other adults. >> the perpetrators of domestic violence often exhibit the same sign. it is important for loved ones to be aware of them. >> if someone is really controlling of your time,
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insists that that you not have involvement in other activities or other print. >> george huguely is attorney said he was immersed in a lot of sports, sex, and alcohol. testimony revealed he might have had as many as 20 alcoholic drinks in the days before her death. >> the amount about all on college campuses is getting to epidemic proportions. it is worse than i have ever seen. >> young people are finding creative ways to consume more alcohol and less time. >> you pour your alcohol, and they do not hide it. we are not just talking about drunk driving. we are talking about violence. we are talking about date rape. >> experts are concerned. >> it is truly over no. 1 drug of abuse in this country. it is alcohol.
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>> one of the best ways to prevent a tragedy is to talk to kids about the dangers of binge drinking. if your the the victim of domestic violence, call the house of ruth. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the biggest leak of classified information, barbara burke class bradley manning. >> i liken it to having a drink with a friend at a bar. >> what he posted on facebook could land him in jail. what a court says he must now put on the popular website. >> remember that sex tape involving former presidential
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candidate john edwards and his mistress? we will tell you who had that tape now. >> a few thunderstorms possible here tomorrow. right now, temperatures are mild, 54 of the airport, 57 downtown. downtown.
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>> investigators are still trying to figure out what calls to helicopters to collide, killing seven marines last night. they were preparing for deployment. that area is used for training because the terrain is similar to the harsh conditions of afghanistan. >> marines are trained in a way that we want to fight. they are going to go out there
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in conduct that training as if they were in a combat zone. >> the names of the seven marines will not be released until family members have been notified. >> the men accused of leaking classified information to wikileaks decided not to enter a plague did not to enter a plea today. -- decided not to enter a plea today. manning faces 22 counts, including aiding the enemy, that, and fraud. he was arraigned today but this trial that has not been set. two baltimore law firm are suing facebook. william murphy jr. and peter angelos have of lawsuits in california where facebook and another firm involved are located. the attorneys claim facebook violated the privacy of their clients by tracking their cyberspace movements even when
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they were not on the site. facebook officials say they believe the case is not what we did believe the case is without merit. greg an ohio man paces possible -- faces possible jail time for referring to his wife as an evil and vindictive woman. the court ruled the comments and violated the civil protection order against him. he must now post an apology every day for 30 days or go to jail for two months. >> i have been told that i cannot say what i want to say on facebook, and now i am also being told that i must say something they are telling me that i have to say. its pre written apology. >> he said he posted a comment out of frustration over his upcoming divorce and child visitation. he must also grant friends that to his wife or someone she chooses to monitor his page.
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the former mistress of john edwards has one ownership of a sex take. his former aide andrew young and his wife gave up his claim to the tape. according to the settlement, the tape must be destroyed within 30 days. the youngs also agreed not to discuss the tape publicly. >> it is almost difficult to believe it is still february. everywhere you look today, people were out and about. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 60's. it has indeed been an interesting day because of such warm temperatures so deep into winter. >> i am thankful. i do not want to know. this is good. .> it is unbelievable gri very unusual.
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>> it is wonderful, especially for the children, to take them to the playground. >> i think it is great. no snow, good weather, not really that cold out. >> the question now, how long will these temperatures hang around? one person has the answer. >> where is he? [laughter] >> jeremy lin nos. >> 65 degrees today, 18 degrees warmer than normal and it might even be warmer tomorrow. war is not going to end tomorrow, through at least the early afternoon -- the warmth is not going to end tomorrow. temperatures over the next few days, we will see highs in the '70s tamara and only in the 40's 4 highs over the weekend. today, unseasonably mild.
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78 what the record high. it is the seventh warmest winter on record. it comes up to an average temperature of just over 40 degrees. the warmest winter was 1931. we are in seventh place. a round the region, temperatures are still unseasonably mild. 48 in hancock, even western maryland in warm air with temperatures well into the 40's. some snow near the pennsylvania and new york state border. there are winter weather advisory for several inches of snow, cold side of this front. thunderstorms developing to the west of us will be rolling our way. mostly in the 50's to start the
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day. this front that is stationary pushes up toward new england tomorrow. right now it's 70 degrees in atlanta. that storm passing by will drag in the warm air and then look at the chilled setting up to the north and west of us. that will come rushing in for the upcoming weekend. big temperature changes over the next few days. shares and storms arrive in the afternoon tomorrow. strong winds behind bring some cold air and snow to the mountains and maybe a few flurries of around central and eastern maryland by saturday afternoon. looks like a sunny day on sunday with temperatures quite chilly to wrap up the weekend. winds gusting to 35 miles an hour with a shower or thunderstorm possible as the front of bike. a wind warning out in garrett county. watch for bust over 50 of an hour.
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winds gusting to 45 knots on the open waters of the day. showers and thunderstorms with a strong front tomorrow, then 30 degrees cooler on saturday. lots of sunshine on sunday. partly cloudy on monday and tuesday. >> jeremy lin became a household name in less than a week, but can he stand up to playing in the heat of lebron james' house? find out next in sports. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> tonight's jackpot as an estimated annuity of $1 million. here are you are winning numbers tonight. 22-16-26-7-33-23.
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if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $1,100,000. and textron is monday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv -- the next drawing is monday night. the maryland lottery, let
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>> the nba highest profile matchup of the season so far, jeremy lin and the knicks against lebron james and the heat was more like struggling, at least for the next.
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it fails to stick the landing. no points from the judge on that one. lebron james, get out of the way. it was that kind of night at home for the heat. a long night for jeremy lin. lebron james and the heat take down the knicks, 102-88. the maryland women's basketball team plays another home game. maryland moved up to the no. 5 national ranking this week and head coach knows that ranking it make maryland a major target tomorrow night and get carolina. >> it is important, we are in to remind them what the motivation is going to be for carolina going in and how hungry unmotivated they are going to be to come in here and get a signature win. >> the orioles have more questions in their pitching'
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staff, but they do feel rock- solid about their capture. wieters has no problem influencing in the " -- in the clubhouse as well. >> being a catcher, at some point gained you are going to be a leader. as you get more and more years then, you will try to become more of a leader for the whole team, not just the pitching staff. that is kind of where i am now. >> a baseball arbitrator overturn the 15th game suspension for failing a drug test. he has become the first baseball player -- reif ballplayer ever to challenge the drug test.
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on 17, tiger going from the long range. on 18, he needed a five-put -- five-foot putt to extend the match. he missed it. .itsr egg tha danica patrick wants to make an impact writing in her purse a town of 500 this weekend and she would prefer -- makes an impact driving in her first daytona 500. she avoided any serious injuries and will still drive in the sunday daytona 500. tony stewart won the first qualifier. this summer in london, the new olympic legend will emerge. the 40th anniversary of an olympic tragedy.
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several olympics returned to munich today as part of and redo part of a documentary. the former israeli athletes showed amazing power time has to heal wounds without forgetting the day. >> we are here having a great time, but it is based on the worst times. the families and the victims here completely different memories and realities. >> powerful memories. stay with
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>> spring in the midst of winter. we are eternally grateful. >> tomorrow, temperatures warm until about mid afternoon, and then the cold front arrives and temperatures start falling. sunny and chilly on sunday and maybe some rain again next week. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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